Get to know the working of Big Data Hadoop frameworks and prepare yourself for the Cloudera’s CCA175 Big Data Certification. Learn from the industry experts about the components and objectives of the Hadoop environment including Spark, Apache, Flume, H Base, Impala, Pig, HDFS, Map Reduce, Yarn, Hadoop 2.7, and more. Execute real-life industry projects in e-commerce, banking, social media, retail, aviation, and telecommunication on Cloud Lab.

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Why Choose Big Data Hadoop?

Huge Job Opportunities with each passing day: In the coming three years, almost every single data in this world will move to Hadoop which will lead to the requirement of 1.7 million Big Data professionals.

Big Opportunity to move into a lucrative field: There are multiple opportunities awaiting you once you start your career in the big data domain like Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Hadoop plays a vital role in saving millions when it comes to an enormous amount of data and also, it allows companies to find a more effective way of doing business. Moreover, the businesses are able to analyze and soak information immediately; as a result, allowing them to gauge customer requirements and satisfaction.

Bigger Pay Packages: With the demand for Data Analytics skills increasing, the salary aspects of the qualified professionals is also increasing.

The industry is looking for Professionals with Hadoop Certification: Professionals who are adept at Big Data Hadoop can see their salaries and career skyrocket without a hitch as compared to other technology professionals.

Hadoop provides a robust ecosystem for the business organizations and developers for meeting their analytical needs. It is faster to an extent that it can process batch processes 10 times faster than on a mainframe or a single thread server.


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Connexson For Business

Train your employees with exclusive batches and offers and track your employee's progress with our weekly progress report.

Instructor-led Interactive Sessions

Each session of the course is conducted by expert trainers. Our current class session is combination of 6 hours Live interactive training by industry experts and 1 hour question answer sessions each week.So you get total 42 hours to learn as a team throughout 7 weeks.

Real-life Case Studies

You will get the exposure of real-life projects and case studies from our Hadoop industry experts.


After every class, you will be required to perform and complete practical assignments before the next class.


Towards the course’ end, you will be working on a real-life project, after which you will be certified as the Big Data Hadoop developer .

Job Placement Assistance

At the end of course we will help you prepare resume and will guide you about job search.

Hadoop is an open source software used for storing and processing Big Data. It stores Big Data in a fault tolerant and distributed manner over commodity hardware. After that, parallel data is stored and processed over Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) using specialized Hadoop tools. 

  • Our Big Data Hadoop Certification program is designed by industry experts and hence, it offers;

  • Extensive knowledge of Hadoop and Big Data including MapReduce, TARN, and HDFS.

  • Complete knowledge of tools used in Hadoop environment for executing queries like HBase, Oozie, Flume, Sqoop, Hive, and Pig.

  • Real-life industry projects and case study which will be executed by every single student in CloudLab.

  • Projects covering various aspects of Hadoop implementation like multiple domains and data sets application in e-commerce, insurance, social media, telecommunication, banking, and more.

  • Active participation of Hadoop experts throughout the course.

Big Data is emerging as one of the most promising fields of the IT industry. On the other hand, with data getting accumulating over and over, the companies will find it difficult to store and process their valuable data. Thus, the industry is going to need highly-trained professionals who can handle Big Data.

There is a big window of opportunity awaiting you but to claim that opportunity, you will require proper training as per what the industry demands today.

Theoretical understanding is necessary but practical knowledge is a must so that you can work on real-life projects using different tools and techniques.

For achieving all this, you will need a proper and structured guidance from an expert who knows all the ins and outs of Hadoop.

The Skills you will be Learning in our Big Data Hadoop Certification Program

  • Hadoop ecosystem is very vast and in our certification and training program, we will cover all the important aspects; offering comprehensive knowledge on its framework.

  • Understand how to use Hadoop storage and resource management, clear the concepts of YARN, MapReduce, and HDFS.

  • How to use MapReduce for implementing the complex business solution.

  • Learn how to ingest data using Flume and Sqoop

  • Perform data analytics and ETL operations using Hive and Pig.

  • How to implement Indexing, Bucketing, and Partitioning in Hive.  

  • Job Scheduling with Ooze.

  • Integrating Hbase with Hive.

  • Work on industry-based real-life projects.

  • Work on the real-time Hadoop cluster.

  • Learning Apache Spark and its environment.

  • Understand how to work with RDD in Apache Spark.

With the Data Analytics market growing day by day, it has provided an opportunity for the IT professionals who are seeking a career growth. The companies are looking for certified Big Data professionals. The Big Data Certification and Training we provide will help you to grab every career opportunity you face of. Our online course is best suited for freshers as well as professionals.

  • Senior IT Professionals

  • Software Architects

  • Project Managers and Software Developers

  • Data Engineers

  • Mainframe Professionals

  • DB and DBA Professionals

  • Testing Professionals

  • Data Warehousing and ETL Professionals

  • Graduates looking for a career in Data Analytics

Data integration (To bring the data into HDFS ), Data processing (Processing the data into Hadoop and converting data into information ) , Process Automation (Using shell scripting automating the complete process ) , Enabling logging in the complete process .

Data integration (Real time integration with social media like Facebook , twitter into HDFS) , Data processing (Processing real time data from social media to get insight from the posts fetched) , Process Automation (Automating the complete process end to end).

In this module, you will understand the limitations of the traditional systems (Mainframes, RDBMS etc), What is the Big Data problem, How Hadoop solves it, Hadoop Architecture, Differences between Hadoop 1.0 and 2.0, Why Hadoop 2.0 is better than Hadoop 1.0 .

This module will give you an understanding of the detailed architecture of Hadoop, How a file is written in HDFS, How a file is processed in HDFS, Various processes in Hadoop along with description and role of each process, File I/O operations in Hadoop.

In this model we will understand the types of Hadoop deployment (Single Node, Pseudo Distributed and Fully Distributed mode), Hadoop installation with configuring HDFS, MAP Reduce and YARN, understanding the properties of Hadoop.

This module will cover the details of Map Reduce framework, what is a mapper , what is a reducer, how a file is divided into input split, what is the role of combiner and partitioner, how a map reduce program is written and run.

In this module, you will understand the usage of Hive, how a file is loaded in hive, various ways to load data in hive, Usage of Hive metastore, Joins in Hive, how to write UDF in hive, Advances concepts in hive like: custom data types, partitions etc. Small Use case on Stock Data analysis.

This module will give you an understanding of usage of Pig, scenarios where pig can be used, how data is processed in PIG, Small Use Case on IP data set.

 This module will give you and understanding of Sqoop and its Usage, how to load data from: RDBMS to HDFS, HDFS to RDBMS and RDBMS to HIVE.

In this module, we will understand the usage of Flume, how to configure the agents to stream data into HDFS, understanding SOURCE, SINK and CHANNELS in Flume. Small Use Case on streaming data from social media into HDFS.

This module will talk about what is high availability in Hadoop, importance of HA in Hadoop, how HA is configured in Fully Distributed mode, Demonstration of HA in Fully distributed mode.

In the end of the course, we will be working on a live project where we will integrate the components of Hadoop learned above with techniques to debug errors in live scenarios, Best practices in implementation of a project.

    Hadoop is an open source framework used for storing and processing large amounts of information and data. It consists of the following;

    • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) – allows storing huge data in a redundant and distributed manner

    • Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN) – A Hadoop framework for cluster resource management and job scheduling

    • MapReduce –  A computational framework that allows processing huge data in a parallel and distributed manner

    Most of the industry professionals who have chosen Hadoop as their career path have advanced as they are designated with multiple jo role titles. Hence, it is necessary for you to focus your career path for getting a higher education.

    Those who have graduated can then train for certain Hadoop certification programs. Some of the common certification programs in Hadoop include;

    • Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP-DS)

    • SAS Certified Predictive Modeler

    • EMC: Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)

    • Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification (CCA175)

    • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

    Now is a great time to enter in this field as there is high demand for certified data scientists. You can better avail the online course offered by Connexson in Big Data and set your career on the right path.

    The companies considering the future are investing to enhance their;

    Existing Data Infrastructure:

    • using Structured data stored in expensive and high-end hardware

    Smarter Data Infrastructure where:

    • Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data can be stored in cheaper machines

    • larger data volumes (terabytes, petabytes, etc) can be stored

    This is live interactive course , where you can ask one to one questions to our instructor .

    Big Data Hadoop Certification Program offered by Connexson will help you clear Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification (CCA175). Our training module is synced according to these two certification requirements and will help you in clearing the practical examination and quizzes with ease.

    As part of our certification program, you will be working on real-life and industry projects. The assignments that we provide are implied to the real-world industry aspects. During your program, there will be certain quizzes and tests that will analyze your growth as a trainee at Connexson.

    You will be awarded with the certification provided that you have completed your project and have accumulated at least 60% in Quiz. Our Hadoop Certification program is affiliated with some top Multi-National Corporations and other companies.