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About Connexson

We are most affordable educational platform and as convenient as carrying your mobile device in hand. Our Instructor Led classes are more social and collaborative .Instructor led live interactive training provides engaging, live classroom environment that allows students to easily interact with instructors and fellow students virtually. Online classes are often broken up into modules that you can go through at your own pace from your desk.

Our Story

We started small but we believed that the distance learning platform we created will help people over the internet in so many ways. We wanted to create a platform where the instructors and students can really interact over the real-world problems. Seeing students struggling with their day to day commute to coaching centers and institutions gave us the inspiration to develop something like this. With our initiative, a student can surely save on the travel expenses and the lump sum he/she pays to the institutions for a specific course with a platform like Connexson.

Our Values

Connexson doesn’t believe in education without values. We know that people today live in a fully globalized world where they mostly connect via web. We show acceptance and understanding in order to integrate our students in the most sustainable and respectable manner. The integrity of our services is based on the solid foundation of transparency and honesty.

Our Education

Connexson is out with a single mission- to revolutionize the phase of online education and learning. We use effective training modules in all our courses. We provide and deliver cost-effective and high-quality training to all our students. The courses we offer are fully interactive and with the help of ‘real-life’ activities (projects), we make sure that the students are learning new skills in the safest environment possible.